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Monday, April 20, 2020

A Tough Ty Cobb Addition: 1928 Harrington's Ice Cream SGC Authentic!

Today's featured pre-war vintage goodness is my first card from a relatively hard-to-find food issue that I stumbled upon while browsing eBay. I was completely unaware of the set's existence until it popped up in my search of graded Ty Cobbs. After a little research and internal debate the opportunity to own a rarer Cobb and add it to my modest collection of The George Peach was too much to pass up.

My newest Cobb hails from the 1928 Harrington's Ice Cream set and is slabbed Authentic by SGC due to the almost certain trim on the bottom border (and maybe even on the top as well?). The set itself isn't anything otherworldly from an aesthetics standpoint but I will gladly own any playing-era Cobb I can.

Harrington's are a scarcer issue and tough to find in presentable condition since they're a pre-war food issue so I was very pleased with Ty's appearance. This particular Cobb is also extra awesome due to the fact that he's a Philadelphia A on the card and 1928 was his final season as a player.

Here's a scan of the back with the Harrington's advertisement offering a gallon of ice cream in exchange for a complete set of sixty. If someone just sent in a Ruth they would receive a quart of ice cream and "pictures" of George Herman (whether they meant an actual picture or a Harrington's premium, I haven't deduced) yielded an ice cream "novelty"....whatever that was. According to Google, it is any hand-held form of ice cream.

I would like to think my love of cream would not have prevailed back then....