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Friday, May 1, 2020

Random Vintage Pickup: 1956 Bromide Japanese -- Kozo Kawai, SGC Authentic

Here's the second item I picked up in the recent auction I mentioned in a previous post. It is again a card that really only fits into my Vintage Collection because it's vintage and not for any other reason. It is my first card from this set and I do enjoy adding cards of players who did not play in the states.

This second Richard Merkin Collection piece hails from the 1956 Bromide set which I was entirely unfamiliar with before stumbling upon this copy. It features Kozo Kawai in a simple staged batting pose. This Bromide is blank-backed and while I can't find much info on these apparently Jackie Robinson is in the '56 Bromide release, so there's a white whale item I would love to at least see one day.