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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dodgers News Round-Up

Russell Martin sat for two consecutive games earlier this week, finally getting the rest a catcher should be getting on the regular, as A.J. Ellis actually got a somewhat extended amount of playing time. He only received rest, however, because he's a bit banged up, to be expected for a catcher, but especially one that plays as much as Russell does. Joe Torre is a habitual over-user of certain players and positions (see: Ramon Troncoso's corpsy arm), so any rest for Russ is good rest in my book.
"Just getting another day and getting fully rested," Martin said. "It's just something that maybe one day can make me feel a lot better. I don't want to tell you what it is."
"Just watching him, his swing was getting bigger, longer," manager Joe Torre said. "You'd have to be in the dugout to experience the frustration sometimes when he comes in. It was just time I think to take a step back."

Charlie Haeger was sent back to the DL, this time around with a sprained toe. Jon Link was recalled for the third time this season.
"I just don't think that I'm healthy yet," Haeger said. "I don't want to use it as an excuse."

"We'll just see if we can get this better," manager Joe Torre said.

Link was then sent right back to make room for the re-activated and still-goateed George Sherrill.


Carlos Monasterios starts on Sunday.


Kyle Russell has finally been promoted to AA. It's about time. Though of course this means I won't get to see him Sunday when I head to another Inland Empire 66ers game. And he's the guy I really was hoping to meet this weekend. Oh well.


LSU head football coach Les Miles doesn't believe Dodgers first-round pick Zachary Lee will sign. I agree with Miles.

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