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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dodgers Notes From Saturday's Game 6/5/2010

Wasn't around for this one, as I went to the Inland Empire 66ers game with a friend. Awesome finish, 66ers pulled it out in the ninth. Recap with photos galore end of the week. Taped this game though, I'll watch it at some point this week.

Atlanta 9, Dodgers 3

Box Score.
  • Chad Billingsley, coming off of an 11 K, 0 BB performance on Memorial Day, went 6 innings (3 ER, 7 Hits, 5 K, 2 BB, 110 pitches - 70 for strikes).
  • Bullpen: 3 IP, 6 ER, 7 Hits, 3 K, 3 BB, 1 HR Allowed.
  • Andre Ethier stole his 1st base of the season.
  • Rafael Furcal (3 Singles) reached base 3 times, while Ethier (2 BB), Manny Ramirez (Double, Single), and Blake DeWitt (Double, Single) each reached base twice.
  • Charlie Haeger made his first appearance since being activated, throwing 2 innings while allowing a couple of runs on 3 hits, with 3 strikeouts and a pair of walks.
  • The offense struck out 13 times, drew just 2 walks, and had 4 extra-base hits.


  1. No reason to watch this nightmare. I'd just get rid of the recording of this game if I were you. Unless youlike torturing yourself with a Troncoso/Belisario menltdown.

    It's official, Troncoso's arm is gone. Thank you Joe Torre.

  2. BTW, can't wait to see pics from IE. Did you get to meet Brox and Ely?

  3. Met Ely, he was great, so nice and very talkative. I love when players are interactive.

    Pomona was just too far, didn't want to risk it with Brox signing next week.

    66ers pics aren't AS great as I'd like because the netting behind home plate made it difficult for some shots, but I'm going next week and should get some great pics. I hope haha.

  4. Torre loves wrecking an arm.

    At least it's not Brox or Kuo.

    I might delete the game. Seems like a solid idea haha, not a fan of torture. At least once the pen took over.

  5. KK - Did you get the bobblehead?

  6. Sadly no, though I doubt highly there were 1500 people who came in before me.

    I'll talk a lot more about it when I recap the game later this week, but needless to say it's ebay for me, or hopefully the Twitter Tuesday giveaways will feature a Dre Bobble sometime soon.

    And I win one haha.

  7. KK - I believe you have to be at the game to win the bobbleheads on Twitter Tuesday. I won a gold Manny bobblehead on Tuesday, but I didn't realize I had to be at the stadium. I was pissed off. They need to be clearer about the rules.

  8. Yeah, for home games you have to be there, but I'm hoping when we hit the road they give a few more out.

    That sucks you couldn't keep the golden Manny one, sorry man.

    I was actually ready to try and win one (I haven't been around for most of the previous Tuesday giveaways), and then found out you had to be there. I was disappointed.