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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trade With The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame: Broxton, Manny, Martin, Hu, Kershaw, '70s Dodgers

An awesome trade to recap, with Tim (better known as SpastikMooss) from The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Tim e-mailed me and said he had a few cards he could knock off of my Want List, and a couple that were priorities for me. After a few e-mails back and forth, and a quick look at each others' Trade Bait, we worked out a sweet deal. Lots of layers to this trade, so let's get right to it and break it down.

I swapped two autos (Cody Ross, Steve Pearce) for this pair of Dodger hits:

Tim had these four cards available, and I jumped on all of them. They're awesomely awesome.

1992 Topps Manny RC
I've now got 5 of Manny's 7 rookie cards. I'll post all
seven whenever I acquire the last two.

Tim hit up my Most Wanted list with this
2002 Bowman Draft #BDP3 of Big Brox. Much appreciated!

A new Kershaw!

2000 Bowman's Best Gagne
Look at Gagne creeping in the background on the right.
He'll snatch yo people up.

On top of an already great haul, Tim sent along these cards:

1978 Topps

1979 Topps

Minis from 1992 Panini

I sent along a couple of cards for his brother (including a jersey relic), a pair of Madison Bumgarner cards, a Paul Pierce card, a stack of Browns and Patriots cards, a bunch of cards of guys who names made me laugh (and will hopefully make him chuckle as well), and three cards featuring cups in them. Drinking cups, of course. And last, but certainly not least, an item of an unknown nature. Unknown to Tim, that is. I do believe the mysterious part of the trade will be the highlight of the deal for Spastik, along with the cup cards.

Thanks so much for the awesome cards Tim, I look forward to many trades in the future! I hope you enjoy yours, especially the mystery item. They went out today, so they'll be at your humble abode in no time.


  1. Ha, I think some of these cards (Kershaw, Gagne, maybe some others) were mine not too long ago!

    That's so cool! It's like Where's George but with bubble gum cards.

    Enjoy 'em!

  2. Glad you like the cards (and definitely count me among those interested in seeing the 7 Mannys when you've got 'em!)

    And lol, Scott's right, the Gagne and Kershaw were his. Cool cards to me, but very cool cards to you, so I passed them along. Always fun to see where cards end up in the end!

  3. Ooo and follow up - the Pedro Guerrero from the Panini shot is actually an 86 Topps Mini Leaders. You may know that but it was grouped with the Paninis so just makin' sure.

  4. Scott- Well then, I owe you a thanks as well! Gracias!

    Tim- I didn't realize that about the Guerrero, somehow I glossed over Pedro haha. And thanks again for the cool stuff!

  5. Indeed Arno, indeed. Too bad Hu never got that fair of a shake. Juan Castro and Colletti can fuck off.

  6. For sure. Oh yea, got your package yesterday. Definitely enjoyed it! Thanks dude.

  7. Sweet, thanks again for the swap! The first of many, I hope. Just posted my end of our trade.