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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trade With My Past Time.......I Love It!!: Martin and Ethier Autos, Relics Galore

I just graduated from UCLA! I feel so old now.


I completed my third trade with Alfredo from My Past Time.......I Love It!!. Our first trade centered around a Chad Billingsley Auto/Relic, and our second trade had as its centerpieces a Hong-Chih Kuo/Shin-Soo Choo Dual Auto and a David Wright 2004 Bowman Futures Game Relic. For this particular deal, Wicked convinced me to part with a Hanley Ramirez Auto/Triple Relic I had.

You can see the entirety of what headed off to Florida here. It's a lot, and I knew I'd be giving away more in (at least perceived) monetary value than what I'd get back. But that was okay, because Wicked will appreciate what he now has more than I would have and did. Also, I hope to eventually add another Hanley Auto to my collection. In the meantime, Wicked always has the best Trade Bait, and I wound up with a number of fantastic cards.

Starting us off:

I've been looking for this 2005 Bowman Sterling card of Russ' for quite some time, so I'm thrilled to finally add it to my collection. There is a serial-numbered parallel of this, so hopefully one day they can team up.

I've also been on the hunt for a Dre auto for many months. I'd trade him in a heartbeat for the right deal, but regardless, I'm happy to finally have his signature.


I wanted this card the second Wicked posted it. The yellow manupatch is a bit of foreshadowing I suppose, what with James now a Pirate and all. McDonald was pretty cool when I met him.

And now, on to the relic portion of the show.

A new David Wright is always a great sight.


A numbered Hebrew Hammer, and boy does he like to dress with glamor.

/wah wah

A Manny from 2007 Ginter. I'm tired of accidentally (and then not so accidentally) rhyming.

Thanks Wicked, I appreciate the trade!