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Monday, May 2, 2011

Trade With My Past Time.......I Love It!!: Kuo/Choo Dual Auto, Wright-Braun-Russ Martin Jerseys

I completed my second trade with Alfredo from My Past Time.......I Love It!!. You can read about our first swap here. This time around, I sent him autos of Tony Oliva and Dick Groat, relics of Gaylord Perry and Alfonso Soriano, and a handful of other assorted goodies. In return, I received some great cards.

2004 Futures Game-Worn


A bit of stitching.
Click to embiggen to see the damage.

The Russ Martin jersey arrived pretty dinged up. There are a number of dents and indentations on the card, and there's even a stain (above Martin's right elbow and to the left). Now, it is a strictly PC item, so it's by no means the end of the world and not that huge of a deal, but it is always disappointing when a card has dings. I'm assuming this is the work of a Giants fan.

Wicked and I completed a third trade, and once those cards arrive I'll recap that transaction.

Thanks as always Alfredo, hope you like what I sent your way!


  1. Awesome Wright card! The red looks cool, especially since you never see him wear that color. And I always like All-Star/Futures jersey cards since you know the 1 game that they were used in.

  2. Thanks Steve! Those are all excellent points.