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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trade With Hoopography: As Heat/Celtics Gets Under Way, A Beautiful LeBron James Patch To Start The Day.

This patch is so amazingly sick it's beside itself and in stitches.
/atrocious joke

I completed a fantastic trade with Charles of Hoopography fame. Charles does great work, with product reviews, contests, and the like. If you haven't checked his site out yet, go do it now! I spotted a beautiful card some months ago, and since then had been trying to find the right cards to entice Charles to send it my way. I want to first and foremost thank Charles for his patience in holding the card back for me and waiting for me to come up with enough to convince him to pull the trigger.

It was one of those trades where the internet gods rain down on you with an unholy fire of problem after problem. Yahoo! Mail likes to send many of my e-mails into other peoples' Spam Folders (which I'm sure many of you have dealt with, and I thank you for digging them out), and that happened at least once. Yahoo! also failed to alert me to one of Charles' e-mails until about four days after he had sent it. I looked at my inbox and there was nothing there; after refreshing the page, a four-day-old e-mail shows up. Google is probably the way to go in terms of e-mail, but reading through those agreements is not something I enjoy doing, and the consequences of not doing so could be painful.

Anyhoo, back to reality. Charles collects a wide variety of players and teams, which gave me plenty of interesting options to find the right bait. You can see what I sent his way by following this here link. And once that bait was found and sent off, this beauty - numbered 18/25 (!) - was mine!


I think it's from the Cavs logo on the front of the jersey. But I could be very wrong, as I'm terrible with these sorts of endeavors. Any suggestions on where this drop-dead gorgeous patch came from?

The moral of this trade: patience (on Charles' part) and dedication pays off. This is why trading is so enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks so much Charles! I really appreciate the trade, and this LeBron is without a doubt one of my favorite cards. I hope to trade again!


I recently partnered with UnifySports.tv, and will be posting videos on the Dodgers (and probably some card-related things from time to time). I'll have a more thorough write-up at some point, but for now, you can check 'em out by going to the right sidebar and pressing play on the video player which should be up shortly.


  1. I'm glad you're going to enjoy the card. There's nothing better than sending a card to someone who is really going to enjoy the card. I think the patch is from the Cavaliers logo on the front of the jersey. Thanks for the trade.

  2. My thoughts exactly Charles. Thanks again!

  3. For anyone interested in seeing the video, here's the link. I'm having trouble formatting the video player to fit the blog properly.