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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Worst Condition 1954 Topps Card You've Seen. Today.

This set me back roughly two and a quarter. I probably should have gone the extra fifty cents or so and gotten a slightly better conditioned one, but a little character never hurt anyone, right?

Some enterprising young chap decided that Al's position being listed wasn't enough, and a "3B" just had to be added right above it.

The cartoons are a always a treat to partake in.


A cool Gypsy Queen-themed contest/game is shaping up over at The Adventures of Napkin Doon. I missed out on Doon's first game a while back, so hopefully the randomizer looks kindly upon me and I can get in on this one.


  1. Sweet card. I never mind when my 50s cards have wear and tear. Surprised how affordable Rosen cards are. My '56 was two bucks and it's not bad.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, Rosen cards are pretty affordable. Makes it fun to collect 'em.

    And as long as I can make out the front of the card, I don't really care about condition for 60s and earlier.