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Friday, August 5, 2011

Trade With I'm Ballsy: Blake DeWitt's Relic/Auto Is Pretty Damn Sweet. Oh, and Other Goodies.

I completed my third trade with Arno from the great I'm Ballsy. You can find the first one here and the second one here. In exchange for a Chin-lung Hu auto and a couple MMA signatures, plus some assorted wax from his favorite teams, I received a nice bounty, highlighted by this newest addition to my unofficial Blake DeWitt PC. I think this makes DeWitt Auto number four if I'm not mistaken.


Topps would want me to call this an octo-relic, but obviously it is one large piece of Blake's jersey. Though the bottom left portion has some different color material escaping from it. I tried to remove it thinking it was only schmutz, but it wouldn't fully budge. Oh, and it's a nice eBay one of one. Because it's the only one numbered 98/99. Now, to pick up the other 98 eBay 1/1s of this card. I kid the eBayers. Regardless, I absolutely love this card and am thrilled to have it in my grubby* little hands.

*Clean, grubby hands. Don't worry fellow traders, I handle your cards with care.*


My second Mathews relic. I expect him to have a HUGE season, provided he stays healthy and the offensive line actually blocks for him, unlike in the last few years LT was a Charger.

I met Ramon way, way back in January of 2010. Nice dude. Got an autograph and a picture with him.


Odd serial-numbering and a white guy who balls (well, balls for a white guy not named Steve Nash)? Count me in. I had no idea Arno was sending this card along - or I completely forgot he was sending it if he had mentioned he was - and it makes for an interesting piece to my modest Suns collection.

Thanks for another great swap Arno, hope the cards I sent have already reached you and are to your liking!


Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk (who just won my contest) is holding a contest of his own. Go and get in on the fun!