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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Pair Of New Russell Martin Spectrum Swatches Rainbow Additions

The one rainbow I'm actively working on is Russell Martin's 2008 Spectrum Swatches Rainbow. It's not the easiest task to complete, as a number of the cards are severely short-printed. There are a couple more I need on eBay, but one is way more than I'd like to pay, and the other is actually not terrible, but I'm cheap. It's a daily battle I fight.

Anyhoo, as the title hints at, I picked up a pair I needed for this rainbow. The above is the auto/relic numbered out of 30. I was able to land this beauty for $8.80 shipped a while back, but never got around to posting it until now. I really, really love this card, and it's a welcome addition to my Martin PC, marking autograph number sixteen.

The second card is the orange parallel relic numbered out of 75. There's a BIN still up for around six bucks or so, but I found an abandoned auction that I took down for 99 cents plus shipping. Winning.

The rest of the rainbow will not be easy (or cheap, in all likelihood) to complete, and I've already missed out on a printing plate that was up for auction semi-recently. But it will certainly be an enjoyable project that I hope to one day finish. If anyone can point me in the right direction (less the two I know of on the Bay presently), I might throw you a bone or two.


  1. Nice addition to the Martin PC. I just won my 17th McCutchen on eBay last night. Stay tuned for when I post it.

  2. Thanks! And I anxiously await the new Cutch. Because all of your Cutchs are awesome.