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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Russell Martin, Meet Davey Lopes

57/99, Blue

My Russell Martin 2008 Spectrum Swatches Rainbow is coming along swimmingly. No idea what parallels and numbering schemes I still need, but if you have something that would help this rainbow become even more rainbow-y, or can tell me what I'm missing, I'm all ears.

This particular iteration of the 2008 Martin relic came with some corner damage on both of the bottom corners, particularly the right one. The foil (or paper, whatever it's actually called) is kind of starting to peel up. Wasn't mentioned in the item description, so I left the guy 3 stars and moved on.

Here's the rest of my Martin Rainbow.

28/35, Red

26/50, Green

42/55, Purple

And finally, as the title makes mention of, Davey Lopes is also in the house. From the same seller as the Martin /99, I found this Lopes bat relic. Shipping was $2 flat, so I added the Lopes for $1.25. The Martin was also $1.25, and for under five bucks, it's a pretty sweet lot.



  1. Here's a list of the Martin rainbow:
    -regular /99
    -autograph /30
    -dark grey /1
    -dual /99
    -green /50
    -green patch /15
    -light blue /15
    -light grey patch /5
    -orange /75
    -purple /44
    -red /35

    Depending on how complete you want to be, you could ignore the dual jersey (with Juan Pierre), autograph, and two patches.

  2. Thanks Ryan!

    I try to ignore Juan Pierre as much as possible haha.

    And I though /99 was blue. Apparently not.

  3. /99 is probably blue, but I guess that's the "base" insert.