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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheap HOF Vintage? Cheap HOF Vintage.


  1. What'd all of those cost you, about a blaster's worth of cash?

  2. That Gibson looks to be in great shape.

  3. The Gibson was $1.75, and each of the others was 99 cents. The Gibson and Perez came from one seller with a third card that slips my mind, and the others came from a separate seller in a 7-card purchase.

    99 cents shipping for the Schoendienst, Mathews, and Killebrew, and probably the same for the Gibson and Perez.

    Ted- I was stoked to add the Gibson, considering the condition. I'd say at least a 6-7 if I ever got it slabbed.

  4. Great buys Greg. If you are ever interested in moving that Perez...I know of a good home for it. And I got some GOOD Dodgers stuff coming in shortly.

  5. It's yours Johnny. I only got it because of the great price and combined shipping. Didn't know you were a Perez fan.

    Anyways, I'll put it with the rest of the stuff I have set aside for you, and we can include it in the Piazza bat relic deal. Which should be pretty epic haha.