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Friday, September 30, 2011

An INSANE Logo Patch From 2011 Topps Marquee. It's A Dirtbag!

I recently declared my intention to collect hits of the three best Long Beach State Dirtbags in school history, what with my attending CSULB and all. I knew full well that it would be a serious challenge, because Troy Tulowitzki, Evan Longoria, and Jered Weaver are three elite players at their respective positions and almost certainly have major collectors snatching up their cards as I type this sentence. I have my eye on a couple of their hits in a pair of trades I'm currently working on, but I make it a point to check eBay for cheap hits that may pop up.

I finally succeeded in landing a big fish. A big Dirtbag, to be more accurate. Numbered 152/199 and from the very aesthetically-pleasing 2011 Topps Marquee, I present my first Jered Weaver hit: a quad relic from the Gametime Mementos subset. The penny sleeve bunched a wee bit in the scanning process, but the card is in fantastic condition. Oh, and it features a seriously insane logo patch in the bottom left. A five-color logo patch.

Also of note, the top left and bottom right jersey swatches are slightly different than the top right one, so Topps did more than right by me with their selection of relics for this beauty. Add in a lot of stitching in the patch-y section of this high-end hit and you have a winner, by any and all accounts. Any of my Angels friends who could help me deduce exactly where the patch comes from will be the proud owner of a virtual pat on the back from me. Which just seals the deal, I'm sure.

Oh, the price. That's the only reason you would still be reading this far into the post, right? $7.25 delivered via eBay, with a winning bid of just three dollars and a quarter. I'm a happy, happy Dirtbag. Who can't for the life of him pass up a good deal. And this was a good deal, to be sure. At least, I'll keep telling myself that should anyone protest.

Finally, since we're on a Long Beach kick and all, here's my favorite song from my favorite Long Beach artist, Greg Laswell. The man has a fantastic voice, superb songwriting ability, and a killer first name to boot. This song is just absolutely beautiful, and I'd recommend anyone who has read this far not only take a listen (because you won't regret it, I guarantee that), but go out and get every Laswell song. Like now. Go! Oh, and this will almost certainly not be the last time his music makes an appearance.