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Thursday, November 17, 2011

1951 Topps Red Backs: Al Rosen's First Topps Card Has Been Acquired.

I mentioned in my post on Al Rosen's 1952 Bowman card that one of the few remaining Rosens I still needed to acquire was his 1951 Topps Red Backs card. Well, I had already won it at the time I posted that, as I was fortunate enough to come across an affordable and well-loved copy on the Bay.

For $4.25 shipped, this piece of vintage-y goodness is now mine. I'd like to one day upgrade, and actually have the strange urge to build a Rosen PC that is entirely graded. Why? Just for kicks, I suppose. Anyways, with this acquisition, I felt it was about time to get my Rosen PC scanned and posted in its entirety. So, if you venture to the top of the blog, you'll see a tab that says "Al Rosen Collection", which - as you can guess - features all of my Rosens. And while we're on the topic of new tabs on the blog, you'll also find my Long Beach State PC with its very own tab. More tabs to come in the near-ish future.


  1. Nice snag. It looks like Mr. Rosen made a lot of noise in someones bike spokes at one time.

  2. Sweet card. '51s are great, aren't they?

  3. Sure does Mark. Kids. Can't trust 'em with anything....

    And yes A.J., '51s are quite swell. Anything from the 50s, really.