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Friday, November 18, 2011

Clayton Kershaw, 2011 Cy Young Award Winner! Oh, and Contest # 2: Guess The Price and Hope To Be Right!

Congrats to Clayton Kershaw on winning the 2011 NL Cy Young Award! Though I would have voted for Roy Halladay, Clayton, Doc, and Cliff Lee all had tremendous seasons, and thankfully this isn't one of those cases where the winner is an egregious selection. Again, Halladay was a little better, but Kershaw had himself a season for the ages, and I'm stoked to see my favorite pitcher and an all-around swell guy - who just so happens to play for my favorite team and encompass a large chunk of my collection - take home the Cy.

Now on to the second part of the post. It's about time I held my second contest. I was very pleased with the reaction to the first, although I do apologize for how long it ended up dragging on. That was unintentional, and I've made a concerted effort to ensure that does not happen this time around. So, to gain entry into this contest, I only ask you answer the question you'll find below. Everyone who wagers a guess gets an entry, and if you'd like to play pimp, you can earn a second entry. Please leave a link to your pimping ways in the comments if you choose to attain that second entry. Onwards to the actual contest. I was fortunate to score this amazingly fantastic Clayton Kershaw 2009 Allen & Ginter Auto some time ago (and what better day to finally post it, am I right?). It's a wonderful addition to my Kershaw Collection - now thirteen autographs strong - and instantly becomes one of my favorite cards period, Kershaw or otherwise. Take a guess as to how much it ran me, and you've got your entry. There's a catch, however.

The Kershaw arrived and settled into my anxious and awaiting hands with a friend....the above Jay Bruce 2009 A&G Auto. So, in actuality you're guessing how much both cards ended up running me, as I purchased them together. I'll have a post up detailing how I came to own these pretty little things, including the all-important price, in a week's time. It will soon be scheduled to publish, so when it hits, the contest will be closed. I'll try to include a reminder about said contest in each of the upcoming week's posts, and might even throw up a link at the top of the blog. Or not. Depends on how difficult that is, and how lazy I am. If nobody guesses the exact amount, the nearest guess wins. If nobody is within two dollars (high or low of the actual cost), then the randomizer will come into play. If nobody guesses the exact amount and more than one person is within two bucks, Random.org will also make an appearance.

Anyhoo, it's about that time I talk about the prizes.

A pair of well-loved pieces of vintage, including the greatest unibrow mankind has ever seen, an auto few some Danny Peoples' mother somebody might enjoy (what a lovely Super Box hit that was), and a Chris Bosh relic #'d out of 100. The Moon actually appears to have some sort of fire damage on the back, but it's still a sweet card. Plus, as is the usual for contests around the card blogosphere, cards of your favorite teams and players will be included....unless I'm out, and if that's the case, I'll find something to your liking. Either way, we're talking about free cards, and I have a great LCS. So you'll enjoy what you get, I promise.

Good luck to those who participate, and once again, congrats Clayton on a phenomenal season! Sign the man long-term, Uncle Ned.


  1. Nice Kershaw! Your collection is looking good.

    My guess will be $16.75

  2. I'll say $14.99 Sweet Bruce autograph by the way!

  3. That particular Kershaw card was, um ... free for me.

    But I'll say you put down $6.98

  4. $11.18 (today's date, which is why you posted the contest today. I'm on to your ways sir.)

  5. 6.66--pimped at http://hockeykazi.blogspot.com/

  6. $8.60 is my guess. Thanks for the contest.

  7. $9.99 is my guess. thanks for putting a contest together. this puts me one more step closer to put one on myself...sooner or later...

  8. Thanks for everyone's guesses so far, and for those that pimped, I appreciate it!

    And for record-keeping purposes, Rhubarb's guess, posted in another post, is $13.27.

  9. added a last minute pimpage over at my blog. hope you get 3 or 4 more people. that would be about ALL my readership. haha


  10. COMMENTS ARE CLOSED, & THE CONTEST IS OVER. New post to come shortly.