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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Campy! My Roy Campanella Collection.

In honor of Roy Campanella's birthday, I thought this would be as good a time as any to get my Campy PC posted, in totality. I'll have a new page at the top of the old blog soon with the PC there for your viewing pleasure. By far the crown jewel of my small Roy PC is Campy's 1950 Bowman card, whose acquisition was detailed in full way back when.

Seriously. I adore this card. It's my entry into The Mojo Beard's Top Card Gallery (thanks to Kevin for letting me contribute!). I would love another copy, or two or three. Greedy? Sure, I suppose. But look at it. It's an amazing, wonderful, beautiful card.

You can't go wrong with 1956 Topps. A great action shot of Campy on a fantastically-designed set.

I really love the design of '55 Bowman, and Bowman gave this card an elegant look with a great pose of Roy smiling, looking off into the future and another World Series title (of course, he was unfortunately unable to be on the field when that title was won).

1952 Bowman. Can't go wrong. And if this card wasn't so well-loved, I almost certainly would not have been able to afford it. Again, a GREAT shot of Roy, the card's retained its excellent color, and the Spring Training feel it has is something I really enjoy.

Milk mustache, off-centeredness and all (Campy probably posed for this shot in Movember), his 1953 Topps card came dirt cheap based off of a poor eBay listing. Roy's smile and the Brooklyn B seal the deal for me.

My one and only Roy relic. Thanks Sam!

So there you have it. My Campy PC, on what would have been the Hall of Famer's 90th birthday. RIP Roy.


  1. That '52 Bowman Campy is utter brilliance. That set could just do no wrong, and what a card to add to your collection.

  2. Indeed. That '52 is one of my favorite cards period.