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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A 1953 Topps Roy Campanella Costs....

The first bonus question is officially closed. The contest, however, remains open. Enter if you have yet to.

Moving on....

So, that Roy Campanella 1953 Topps card that served as my first bonus question for my first contest? 'Twas an eBay purchase. Shocking, I know. But before I tell you how much it ran me, I want to tell you how I came to own it.

I believe I was aimlessly searching through vintage Campy listings when I came upon the auction. It was poorly listed, if I do say so myself. It was pictured with a reprint from 1995, or somewhere thereabouts, and was listed as "1953 Topps Baseball # 27 Roy Campanella lot of 2 Good", with an item description of " Both cards. One is reprint."

Not that I'm complaining, because I'm sure this awkward - at the least - listing contributed to my snagging the card. The seller also stated that he usually threw in a card. And I tell you what, when he says throw-in, he doesn't limit it to just junk wax. Because my "throw-in" card was this snazzy 1960 Topps Dick Groat.

Wicked collects Groat. So if you're reading this Alfredo, let me know if you want it. And if you're not reading this, then I must ask: why are you not reading?!?!

So in the end, I was able to add another vintage piece to my Campy PC, and got a nice just because from the Canadian seller. Pretty swell of him, eh?

I kid America's Beanie.

Oh, wait.

I was supposed to say how much it cost me, right? What with the contest and everything.

12 bucks delivered.

Winning bid of $7.50.

A lot of interesting guesses, and two that were pretty damn close. Matt from Tenets of Wilson said $13.99, while Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard threw out $9.95.

But no one got it, so as much as I'd like to afford a bonus entry to each of the above two gentlemen, I can't. But you both can take pride in being nearest to the actual price.

And that's worth....something.

Stay tuned for Bonus Question # 2.