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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's A Jerry Sands Parallel Parade!

The contest, for those of you who have yet to enter, is still enterable. That's not a word. But I don't care. The first bonus question will be up for one more day. So if you have yet to earn that bonus entry, go do so. But after reading this post.

You could say I went on a Jerry Sands refractor/parallel run.

And you'd be right.

2011 Bowman's Best Refractor:

I seriously LOVE this card. The color scheme is fantastic and VERY blue, Sands in a defensive pose, the refractoryness visible when you hold the card. Good, good stuff.

Prices have been all over the place for these Bowman's Best Refractors, numbered out of 99. I've seen them go for as little as this one that I picked up ($5.20 shipped, $2.25 winning bid), and I've also seen them in double digits, with a few BINs set at ridiculous prices. I, for some reason, let a second one go for a little over four bucks. Not the best decision I've ever made.


2010 Bowman Sterling Refractor:


The scan does this card no justice. But I'm too lazy to take a picture of it. It's far more refractor-y in-hand.

2011 TriStar Pursuit Bronze:



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  1. Sweet refractors, man! I didn't even know there were refractor versions of the Bowman's Best... haha.