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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Swell Sweet Spot Signature From Clayton Kershaw!

This sweet spot signed ball comes courtesy of Steiner Sports Memorabilia. It was on sale for an awesomely ridiculous price, a truly great discount I could not pass up. It normally sold, at the time of purchase, for 90 bucks. I picked it up for thirty big ones. I absolutely love that Clayton inscribed his number. Good. Stuff.

It was a fantastic deal I took advantage of months and months ago. And by months and months ago, I mean roughly around February or March. So yeah. I sat on this for three-fourths of a year, give or take. Still though....FTW. The most embarrassing thing is that I'm still looking for the best possible case to use in displaying this awesome Kershaw Sweet Spot Auto. Any suggestions from those of you who have signed baseballs on display? The best case to keep the signature from taking in any unnecessary light, and the best case aesthetically, are the two things I'm interested in.

Oh, and Steiner also provided me with this handy dandy credit card-like Certificate of Authenticity. Depending upon a certain announcement that will be made tomorrow, the words "Cy Young" could be added somewhere in this post....

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  1. Great deal, and great auto!

    I store my balls in acrylic baseball cubes. They make UV-protected cases for added cost. They look more professional and more substantial than those flimsy plastic domes, and glare is rarely an issue. Plus, they stack well, which comes in handy if you have several balls from one player or team to display together.

    On the other hand, I do have a couple wood-base dome + card displays. If this is going to be a centerpiece of a Kershaw display that may be the way to go (put a nice but cheaper card in the card holder). It takes up a lot more space but draws the eyes.

    If you want fancy, there are plenty of nice wood-base cases out there, with fancy team logo or name plates and glass etchings and such, but the cheapest of those start at $15-20 and get expensive fast.

    My two real concerns for any ball holder: the ball must fit in the holder without being crammed in which could scuff the ball, and for an autographed ball the case should be UV protected to protect the signature, though that can add a good bit of cost.

  2. really cool auto, and a great price makes it sweeter. as ryan g. sez, the cubes are the best.
    otherwise, i prefer to store my balls in 100% cotton, and when i'm in the mood, silk.

  3. A.J.- Thanks!

    Ryan- Thanks for the tips! I'm definitely thinking cube, although I've seen a few gold glove type holders which would probably look cool.

    Mark- Gracias.

    Stealing Home- That just made my night. I will legitimately be laughing for hours. Touche.