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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clayton Kershaw 2006 Bowman Sterling Auto!

An utter steal at $17.57 shipped (winning bid of $14.57). Seriously, I still can't comprehend how I landed this absolute beauty for less than the price of a blaster. Probably because I purchased it prior to the 2011 season getting underway. But still. That's CRAAAAAZY cheap. And yes, that means I've had this card lying around for well over six months and am just now posting it. There's really no good reason for that. But it's just as pretty a pickup as it was way back then, and a more than welcome addition to (and probably the highlight of) my Kershaw PC.

If someone knows, I'm curious as to what the book value of this particular Clayton card is. Not that it will ever leave my collection regardless of what it theoretically is worth. Because to me, it's priceless.

I can't believe it took me this long to get this precious little thing posted. Well, I feel safe in saying it was worth the wait for Kershaw (certified) autograph number twelve.

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  1. You mean 2007, not 2006. I think you knew that though ;-)

    As for book, no idea since I just checked COMC (maybe you did too). JHey books for 80, Matt Laporta and Madison Bumgarner book at 50, and Joba and Daniel Bard are at like 30. I'd put Kershaw in the 50-80 range, but maybe he's even higher now? I hope someone can find out for ya!

  2. Tim, I meant 2006 haha. Unless I'm missing something....it's listed as '06 everywhere.