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Monday, February 14, 2011

Clayton Kershaw PC Addition Part 2

Picked this bad boy up at my local shop for $4.

Look at that sweeeeet stitching. I approve.


  1. This is a little bit off topic, but looking at this card made me think; why don't more game used jersey cards have dirt on them? Do card companies avoid the dirty parts of the jerseys?

    I personally would be just as or more happy to have a dirty patch than a clean one. It would help to validate the authenticity a bit more, make it feel more real.

    Are the jerseys so well cleaned after a game that there's no dirt left?

    Do they have dirty patches but I just haven't noticed?

  2. Good point Nathan, I've only seen a couple of relics with stains on them. I guess card companies find it to be an unappealing prospect.

  3. Sweet pickup. Really looking forward to his 2011.

  4. Thanks Dustin. And agreed. I hope I can take in a handful of the games he pitches.