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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trade With Off The Wall: Chase Utley 2011 Topps Throwback Manupatch

Shane from Off The Wall posted a Chase Utley manupatch from 2011 Topps, and after seeing a couple of days go by without any offers being placed for it, I threw my hat in the ring. I'm not a huge fan of manupatches, especially the non-autographed kind, and don't consider it a hit, unlike the folks at Topps. However, this card does fit two criteria that pique my interest: a former UCLA Bruin, and a draft pick of the Dodgers, albeit without the signing part (not that that's terribly important or anything).

Due to my not being a huge fan of manu-anything, I won't buy a product specifically to get a manupatch, and I won't shell out big bucks for one (sorry eBay sellers). However, I will trade for one. So, I sent Shane a handful of Ginter minis, some random Sox cards - of the Red variety - and a 1968 Topps Reggie Smith, with a whole lot of character.

While I'm not a fan of these types of cards, they are certainly beautiful and put together well, though I would love to see some of that blank space around the manupatch gone, replaced by a larger picture of the player, or at least something that doesn't look like cardboard. If Topps didn't place such a huge value on these, I might like them more. But any card of a player I collect is inherently good and attracts my attention.

Thanks Shane, hope to trade again!


  1. Yet another thing I love about the Rockies. Their logo has not changed since they started so I don't have to get any of these cards. Woohoo.

    Although some of them do look alright with the older logos, like the Josh Hamilton.

  2. Nice card. I have a hat with that P on it. One of my faves of the logos.

  3. The Hamilton does look pretty sweet Johnny. And I'm sure the Rockies will eventually change their logo haha.

    Thanks Julie!

  4. Greg—glad you liked the card!! The trade that came back east, will be up tomorrow. Thanks again, I'm sure we'll trade again!

  5. Sounds good Shane, I'll check out your post tomorrow.