Monday, December 5, 2011

Trade With Night Owl Cards: My 100th Clayton Kershaw Card Is As American As Apple Pie. And Erin Hawksworth.

Yeah, it's been a trade-centric week of posting for me. I've been dealing more in recent weeks, and I want to get these posted and not fall miserably behind before I head out of town. Keep reading until the end'll be well worth your time. Anyhoo, I completed my fourth trade with Greg from Night Owl Cards. You can read about the first here, the second here, and the third here. Our previous three trades have been fantastic, but this one right here definitely takes the proverbial card cake as the best deal yet. You can see what I sent the Owl-y one here. My major coup will follow these words.

My fourteenth Clayton Kershaw certified autograph (in card form)! Granted, I count my in-person auto as certified because I can certify as to its authenticity due to the fact that I was there and met Clayton. Anyways, any 2005 USA Kershaw in that beautiful red, white, and blue is a welcome addition to my Clayton PC, particularly ones that bring with it his signature. This pairs oh so nicely with the Kershaw/Shawn Tolleson dual auto I own, seen below.

This new Kid K also brings my Kershaw Collection to the century mark! Night Owl doth protested because Kershaw is paired with a Yankee on the card. I don't have the same issues with the card, but then again, I'm also a Dodgers fan that doesn't root against the Giants more so than any other team that could stand in the Dodgers way. So I'm weird, needless to say. Clayton and friend is numbered, 015/250.

Greg sent along some more goodies, starting with the Russell Martin 2011 Ginter Code Parallel you see above. For those of you tackling this year's code, have at those gold design thingys. All I ask is that if the above code card puts you over the top and you win, keep me in mind for some part of that sweet code-cracking prize package. Also of note is that I now have the Ginter Code Parallel and the Ginter Glossy /999 versions of Martin's '11 A&G card, yet my PC still lacks the base version of this particular piece of cardboard.

Next up, two new Matt Kemp cards for the collection. Great shots on both.

Night Owl was gracious enough to send me two Jerry Sands rookies. Well, Topps tells me they're rookies. I'm colorblind. I mention this because the gold parallel looks puke green to me. It's #'d, whatever the color may be, 0532/2011.

The last two cards in Greg's bubbler, and it just so happens that it's two of the greatest Dodgers of all-time. A sick Koufax retail parallel (I think retail only) and a late-90s insert of Mike Piazza. Awesome.

And finally, I'm about to turn in one of my two final papers as I near completion of my first semester of Grad School. So I feel as though I should reward myself.

When human beings are finally cloned, I submit we clone Miss Hawksworth (who by that point will most certainly be Mrs. Gregory Zakwin) before any other human is cloned. Because the above picture is legitimately the greatest thing ever, and I'd take it before a Dodgers World Series title. Of course, I fully anticipate both (and her new title) to occur during my lifetime.

Thanks for the fantastically great trade Greg!


  1. It's official: you must attach photos of Erin Hawksworth to any post that mentions me.

    I should've thrown in a base version of the Martin card. I've only got 3 of them.

  2. Sadly, I clicke on this post because I saw the name Erin Hawksworth not because of seeing Clayton Kershaw. Does that kick me out of the Doyer Tribe?

  3. Owl- Sounds like a plan to me. And no worries, I'll come across one somewhere, and if not, there's always our next trade.

    Spiegel- That makes you an even bigger Dodgers fan. I mean, it's ERIN HAWKSWORTH.