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Monday, September 5, 2011

Trade With Night Owl Cards: A Carlos Santana Black Ginter Mini, A Beltre Chrome Rookie, and A Grip Of PC Additions

I completed my third trade with fellow Dodgers fan and fellow Greg Night Owl, of the world-renowned and truly fantastic Night Owl Cards. You can find our first trade here and our second swap here. For this third installment, in exchange for a Delwyn Young Fleer Mini RC and some randoms, I received a Carlos Santana 2011 Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered Mini I had my eye on.

Oh, what could have been. What could have been. Thanks Uncle Ned!

Thankfully my partner in this trade had scanned the Santana, because my printer/scanner was on the fritz, and otherwise I may not have been able to picture this beaut. And after just figuring out I had access to a scanner, it had to go and possibly die.

(It lives, because it's a new printer/scanner).

Greg, always the generous card collector and trade partner, sent some sweet extras my way. Here are the highlights.

Woooo! A sweeeet Adrian Beltre 1997 Bowman Chrome RC. This is certainly one of the more spiffy cards I've seen in a while, and one I have never owned, so a big thanks to our nocturnal friend for sending this along and giving me a nice surprise as I was thumbing through the team bag full of goodness he sent along (and a special thanks to TMG for the scan I was able to pilfer).

A pair of new Kemps! Bronze and uber-shiny.

A new Clayton! Always happy to add a new Kershaw to the collection. Ditto for Matty, of course.

A half dozen new Russ Martins! All appreciated equally. The Ginter-back mini is from 2008, and pairs nicely with the black-bordered mini of Russ I have from the same year.

And finally, a pair of cards I did not previously own. Love both of the action shots. It's always fun to pick up Piazza cards, what with me being like 6ish during his Dodger heyday. A swell trip down memory lane.

As always, Night Owl outdid himself by leaps and bounds. Thanks for the fantastic cards Greg and the great PC help, I definitely owe you next time we trade! And I think I may just have a card you'd like, which should be arriving semi-shortly.


  1. Oooooh, a surprise!

    Love a post featuring our N.L. MVP and Cy Young Award winner.

  2. Surprises are fun! Hopefully you'll actually need the card haha.

    And indeed, anytime Kemp and Kershaw cards I need arrive together, it's like I won an award myself. Add in Russ and it's just all the more exciting. A truly fun post to write, this was.

    By the way, I hope the cards I sent arrived already and were to your liking!