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Sunday, January 1, 2012

As We Enter The New Year of 2012, I've Realized That People Find Our Blogs In The Strangest Ways.

I check each and every day to see which posts people find interesting, which generate the most traffic, where that traffic originates from, and what phrases - when Googled - lead people to PTSIA. It's a fun exercise, kills a bit of time, and often leads to some puzzling findings. Such as what two people were looking for before finding my small corner of the internet on this most recent of Tuesdays.

Many of those search keywords are not a shock to me in the least. Erin Hawksworth, Al Rosen, Chase Utley, and the blog's name are all very reasonable, and in the case of Hawksworth and Rosen, staples to the very core of the Plaschke Principle Values. It's that one odd phrase amongst the normalcy, however, that still has me shaking my head. "CLONE FETISH".

Seriously? Erin Hawksworth Fetish, I could totally see. But two people have clone fetishes, and Google thinks my blog represents that. Damn. I'm offended by Google (though I'll never turn down more eyes checking out my musings) because they can't fix the follow function or the Manage Blogs function, down for over two months now, but they can send people to my blog through somewhat creepy fetishes.

Techies. Jeez.

Erin and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!


  1. I have often checked my stats for the keywords also. My #2 all time search term is "ricky bottalico girls" searched 32! times. I didn't even think 32 people remembered Ricky Bottalico. Other amusing ones for me are "negro ephemera" and "choanoflagellates."

  2. So that's the secret to getting all of the views... you're one smart blogger.

    Say Erin I said hello and happy new years.

  3. yep, 8th result on the search page! Now clown fetish I could really believe!!

    how about today's word verification:

    mutifish, ranks right up there with clone fetish!!

  4. If you look at all-time stats for mine and keywords, 25 hits were from people searching 'ding fries are done'. It was the title of a post I had a while back.

  5. Too funny. "Ding fries are done" cracked me up.

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