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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Favorite Card of My Favorite (Childhood) Player.

Back with another answer to a Fuji contest question. Fuji has inquired as to the most prized possession in our collection of our favorite childhood player. As I've mentioned before, my favorite player growing up was Mike Piazza. His trade devastated my little child heart.

The above 1992 Bowman RC is by far my favorite cardboard piece of Piazza memorabilia. It's simple and beautiful at the same time. I acquired it in a trade from The Diamond King and am forever grateful he was willing to send it my way. I do collect Mike's cards, but not with the ferocity of my main player collections. That's mainly because he has so many cards, and autographs are expensive as can be, but I'm perfectly content with adding to the collection when I can.

I do have three pieces of Piazza memorabilia that I cherish, but there are no pictures of said memorabilia because I've yet to post 'em on the blog. They will eventually get write-ups, but needless to say, they're pretty damn sweet and cornerstones of my overall collection.


  1. i still remember the shock when i heard the news about piazza's trade on an arlington, texas hotel lobby TV. ABSOLUTE SHOCK !

  2. This is my favorite also and we both got this card from the same blogger. Weird.

  3. I know! I almost mentioned that in the post. TDK is our Piazza Jesus.

    Or something like that....

  4. I can't believe that I still haven't picked up Piazza's rookie card yet. What a great piece of cardboard!

  5. Great card! The '92 Bowman is definitely one of my favorites too!