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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favorite Products To Collect? They're Player-Centric. Mostly.

Fuji has inquired as to our favorite product in each sport. Off we go.

Baseball: Allen & Ginter, any year. Ginter is the only set I'll put together each and every year in my collecting future (I'm still working on 2011, by the by), and I love its retro-nature and inclusion of non-baseball people and things. Old-timey works. Perhaps my favorite aspect of Ginter though is that my three main guys have had numerous hits in the product, and the borders on the relics are always enjoyable. Below are the Ginter hits I've managed to land that feature Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and Russell Martin. I have multiple copies of both Kemp Ginter relics. 1989 Topps has to get a shout-out too, as it's the first set I ever completed and is the major release from the year of my birth.

Hockey: Dominion. Dominion. Dominion. I mean really, could there be any other set listed here? I'm currently working on piecing together the Master Set of my main hombre, Ryan Getzlaf, from the inaugural offering of this Panini product (2010-2011). What I have - that's been posted already - is below.

Football: Okay, I don't do a lot of football that doesn't involve picking up a LaDainian Tomlinson hit, so this is by far the toughest sport to pick for. I don't actually own a card from the set I'm going to pick, but Masterpieces was an amazing release on the part of Upper Deck for both baseball and football, so it gets my vote here. I would love to one day own the red-bordered LT card from '08 Masterpieces Football which shows him utilizing his passing ability. Greatest back ever.

Basketball: I'm not a huge basketball collector beyond my UCLA guys and a Phoenix Suns or LeBron James hit here or there, but this one is still a pretty easy choice. '86-'87 Fleer, a classic set with a great and very patriotic border and an awesome checklist. I only own three cards from the set - all acquired in a trade with Scott from Scott Crawford On Cards! - but I enjoy each of the three.

Miscellaneous Semi-Sport - Poker: I don't really delve into non-sports too much, but I do love poker and play it whenever I can (i.e. my wallet allows and my friends are around). I only have three poker cards, but two feature sexy ladies, so that's like double the cards in reality. I consider poker to be a semi-sport, especially if golf is designated a sport. Sorry Eric.

Miscellaneous Non-Sport - The Big Bang Theory: There's one non-sport product I have been dying to bust and hoping to find singles of at affordable prices. Singles have not been affordable, unfortunately, and I missed my chance to bust a box at an affordable price, so that aspect will have to wait to be fulfilled. I'm referring, of course, to The Big Bang Theory trading cards. While I can't show you any cards in my possession, I can regale you with my favorite clip from The Big Bang Theory, which is saying something, considering it's one of the best shows on television and there are countless clips I could show.

It all started with a big bang, so it should only end that way too. Or with the only five cards I'd need from the product. Six when you include the auto of the actress who plays Sheldon's smoking hot sister.

Yeah, let's make it six.


  1. Agreed on A&G. It's a great looking product and it's affordable. One of my favorite to collect.

    I don't do hockey, but that Dominion is gorgeous.

    I have tons of extras from 86-87 Fleer. I'll put some to the side for you.

  2. A&G is a great suggestions. Want a 2012 Russel Martin relic? Lemme know.

  3. I've never been a big set builder, but I love working on each year's A&G sets. I only discovered them in 2010 so I'm thinking about going backwards and picking up some of the older sets.

    I can't believe how the prices skyrocketed on that Big Bang Theory stuff. I've collected my fair share of non-sports cards and never have I seen a set jump like that.

  4. Not a Dodgers fan, but I'm seriously envious of those A&G cards. If I ever start busting wax again, there's a good chance A&G will be my poison.

    Can't argue with the 2008 Masterpiece selection... it was an amazing product.

    And last, but not least... I love The Big Bang Theory. I only wish I would have jumped on a box, before they went up like crazy.

  5. DB- Extras? Haha, I would certainly be interested!

    GG- Thanks for the offer! I actually have one incoming, but if for some reason that fails or it's a different one I'm interested!

    Colbey- I'm definitely going back to pre-2010 Ginter as well at some point. And that jump was massively crazy.

    Fuji/Colbey- Cryptozoic is coming out with another Big Bang release in October, with 1000 more boxes than the first time. If prices are at all reasonable, I'm getting a box or two.

  6. S'all good Greg. I concur with the 2008 Masterpiece selection. Absolutely gorgeous cards. I also like the baseball version, but not as much as Ginter. Obviously.

    Let me know if you need the Martin relic, it's yours if you need it.

  7. GG, mine just came in today. A wee bit scratched but it's all good. I shall leave the Martin for another Dodgers' collector, but I do appreciate the offer and the heads-up!