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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yet Another Golden Matt Kemp/Clayton Kershaw In My Pocket.

I collect too much. This I can't even begin to deny. From player collections to a handful of sets to random and various things like Pentafectas, my collecting interests are very much varied. However, some of these tertiary collections are just those sorts of collections you add to when it's convenient. One such collection is my Kemp/Kershaw Golden Pursuit, which recently received another notch in its slowly-expanding belt.

Numbered 23/99, it's my fifth 2010 UD Checklist Gold Parallel /99 that features my two main hombres, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw. Big ups to Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and Too Many Manninghams for the heads-up on this auction, which I took down for $5.25 shipped as the sole bidder. It's the most I've paid for one of these, but I also had not come across one in a number of months.

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