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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some Prime Pieces of Bison.

I snagged this lot of Matt Kemp relics for $5.84 delivered. Both cards are numbered out of 49 and each features a big white swatch from a Dodgers' home uniform. They serve as my latest Kemp pickups, and though they hail from the Colossal subset of the unlicensed 2011 Panini Prime Cuts, they are welcome additions nevertheless.

My two copies are 14/49 and 33/49, and for the aforementioned price, I'm very pleased with the purchase. I picked up the Kid K card to match some time ago.

Symmetry. Except for the gray.


  1. So I've been trying to figure out which patterns go with which types of jerseys, and it looks like these are from Spring Training jerseys.

    The real tight stitching/high thread count ones, I believe those are the regular season uniforms.

    Of course, this is just a theory right now.

  2. haha, no idea. maybe an area to explore further though.