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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trade With Cardboard Heaven: Weaver, Seager, and In Which I Trade For Another Giants' Auto.

I completed my fifth trade with Cam from Cardboard Heaven. You can refresh your memory on the first here, second here, third here, and fourth here. Cam and I had been working on this trade for a while - the delay was on me - and though it took some time to complete, it ended up being another great deal. First up, a sweet Jered Weaver Team USA jersey swatch.

I love the photo Upper Deck used. #MERICA.

Cam surprised me with a second Weaver relic, which is much appreciated. I love me some Ginter.

I was very pleased to find the above in Cam's trade bait, and quickly requested it. It's only my third Seager card, to go along with a base card from a Team USA box set and a blue parallel USA relic I posted on a while ago. High hopes for the young man, I have.

And finally, something that will be to the horror of my fellow Dodgers' bloggers and friends. Yes, I traded once again for a San Fran autograph. Numbered 146/700, it's my first Matt Cain auto, and while I'm no Giants' fan, I do appreciate talent no matter the team it suits up for, and Cain is quite talented. He went from pitching beyond his peripherals for a stretch to being an excellent pitcher, and while I may not keep this forever, I was happy to acquire it in the present.

Thanks for another great trade Cam!


  1. Yea!!!!

    I am hoping to see him pitch again a couple more times this season.

  2. I must amend one thing: he's still pitching a bit beyond his peripherals, and has had just one excellent season.

    Should have checked FanGraphs first.