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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dominion (Perry) Plates From Panini Never Make Me Yellow.

I mentioned a while back that I wasn't quite done with my Corey Perry 2010-2011 Dominion pickups. I had one left to post, and boy is it ever a sweet one. It was had via eBay many moons ago, and I was shocked to pick it up for the price I did. It was one of those instances where I didn't really expect to take the auction down, but I couldn't not try with the price so low. For just over the price of a blaster, this soon arrived and became mine.

Numbered to a scant 1, it's the Yellow Printing Plate of the former League MVP and scoring champ from the inaugural release of Panini's mega-high-end Dominion. Though it's not visible in the scan, right above the words "LAUNDRY TAG" in that yellow-ish area lies a fingerprint. That fingerprint belongs to me. Let's just say I thought I saw something removable and my OCD got the best of me.

The Yellow Printing Plates from Dominion look absolutely phenomenal, as my Captain Getz above can attest to.

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