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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First LaDainian Tomlinson Auto Yields A Pentafecta!

I've mentioned this a handful of times, but to rehash an old topic that hasn't received a ton of attention on this here blog, LaDainian Tomlinson is my all-time favorite football player. I'm not a huge football fan - it's been my third favorite sport, and after last year's NBA playoffs and LeBron's performance, it's probably slotted fourth now - but I do love me some San Diego Chargers, specifically LT. While I have a plate and a laundry tag of the future Hall of Famer, his autograph had alluded me for some time.

That time has come and gone, as I was able to secure this AMAZING on-card autograph off of eBay a couple of months ago with most of what I had remaining in my PayPal account at the time. $33.50 well, well-spent. I scanned and cropped it poorly, but it nevertheless is a thing of beauty. On-card beauty, most importantly. I love how huge LT signed his name, especially since the signature itself, for a guy with a loooong name, is short (just his initials). It also happens to be extremely short-printed, at just 25 copies (24/25 for me) of this particular Gold Parallel from a parallel hell set like 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes. I've stated it before, but LT is the greatest back and football player of all-time in my eyes.

I'm happy to have four very high-end Tomlinson cards in my modest collection of the former TCU Horned Frog, and I hope to one day add another auto or two. Just for the sake of more scans of awesomeness, the plate is above.

Followed by the aforementioned Laundry Tag /30.

And finally, a sweet 2-color patch #'d /25 - with some jersey and a mess of stitching - that I've shown once before. As I was just about to finalize this post, I realized the John Hancock also served to complete a Tomlinson Pentafecta.

I've shown the auto, patch, and plate, so here's the relic and RC to complete the whole shebang.

This accomplishment has been added to the Pentafectas Tab at the top of the blog.


  1. I don't collect football but I'm a sucker for the Heroes cards and that is one nice on-card autograph! Great win!