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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trade With Gunner13: Ryan Getzlaf Dominion 1/1 Blue Printing Plate!

I completed my first trade with Gunner13 via the SCF hockey boards, and it came months ago. I decided out of the blue to use the search function on SCF to check for Ryan Getzlaf cards, as I hadn't been on SCF much at all in the previous couple of months. Thankfully I chose that day and time to search, because in one of the threads, Gunner was looking to sell this:

Yes! I immediately left a comment and PM'd him, and kept on him until we could work out a deal, which we quickly did. A week later and this beaut was in my mailbox, leaving me with three of the four Captain Getz plates from Dominion's inaugural release. It's the blue printing plate, and goes so nicely with its black and yellow brothers below.

The blue was the cheapest of the three by about a blaster.

While I've always stated that black and yellow plates are the best shades of plates - and they are - the blue is so much cooler than I thought it would be, and is definitely my second favorite of the three.

I'm down to needing just the red plate. Wherever it may be....

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