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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Long-Awaited Russ Martin Come-Up.

There's a Russell Martin card that has alluded my grasp for quite some time. In fairness, a lot of cards have alluded me, but this particular card has been somewhat available for quite some time from another blogger. I simply could never scrounge up enough to pry it away once it was on the trading block. I no longer have to worry, however, as a copy finally hit eBay and remained reasonable.

More than reasonable, in fact. A paltry $5.32 shipped netted me this beautiful Russ signature, numbered 15/50. It's a most welcome addition to my Martin Collection and a card I thankfully never have to worry about acquiring again. That serial-number is apropos, as I own one other card from the Upper Deck Black Lustrous sets, and it features my favorite number 15, Ryan Getzlaf.