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Friday, April 26, 2013

Epic Lot: 10 For The Price Of 1.

Grabbing lots for great prices is a tremendous feeling. Grabbing a lot of autos for $2 a pop is an even better feeling, especially when one of the cards within said lot would usually command the entire price you paid, if not more.

I recently landed a lot of ten Anaheim Ducks' hits for the price of a blaster, and last I checked there's no blaster in the world that will yield ten hits. The prize of the lot was the above Paul Kariya on-card auto. It's just my second auto of the former Duck and his signatures usually run upwards of $20 at the cheapest so I was stoked to pick up this auction regardless of what else came with this beaut.

I don't consider myself a collector of Corey Perry even though I have accumulated a nice assortment of cards of the Ducks' winger. He's just not a player I really like on-the-ice, and I'm a Ducks' fan for god's sake. I can only imagine how every other hockey fan feels about him. Nevertheless, a $2 dual auto that pairs him with Alex Tanguay and hails from '05-'06 is an easy pickup. It's numbered 335/499.

Next up, three excellent additions to my Ducks' PC in the form of my second Koivu and McDonald autos and my third Kunitz. I really dig the Puck Signings signatures, and if I was an ambitious man that would be a killer set to put together. My other McDonald auto is actually a dual auto, pairing him with none other than Mr. Kunitz.

Next up we have 2/3rds of the Ducks' dominant Checking Line from their Cup days. I eventually need to pick up a Sammy Pahlsson John Hancock to complete the Trifecta. The Robbie Niedermayer is numbered 081/100, and I love that both of these cards feature Mighty Ducks' sweaters.

Finally, the last three cards of this epic lot. The Ebbett (#'d /100) will eventually end up with Dennis, and the Rucchin is going nowhere. The Penner is not staying with me, and it might be Card Draft fodder before all is said and done.


  1. Thanks, for the Ebbett, Greg! Also, for the record, you've got a really nice Kunitz. Wait, that came out wrong...

  2. Wow great deal, unreal for just $20!

  3. And that's why I don't buy blasters.

    Awesome pickups, and I'm loving the old Mighty Ducks unis.

  4. That's an awesome deal. Can't believe that was just $20!

  5. Holy cannoli! A $2 Kariya autograph? You sir, are the man. Nice find.

  6. Dennis- My pleasure! And is it Rusty????

    sbl- Thanks! It was actually ~$19.29, so I generously rounded up and saved myself math homework haha.

    Mark- Yeah, I purchased a few blasters when I first got back into collecting and while I had one pretty dynamite pull and busting packs is always fun, it quickly became apparent that it just wasn't worth it for me.

    PTR- Yeah I'd be willing to part with one of my Kunitz autos. Not this one but another UD one from the same year. I'll get you a scan.

    Sean- Thanks! I'm still surprised haha.

    Fuji- Thanks! And I appreciate the kind words haha.