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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Parks and Recreation Box Break # 3: Bobby Newport and Raaaaauuuuul!

I'm back once again with another holiday-funded box break of Parks and Recreation. You can check out the first box I busted here and second box I broke here. My goals for my third and final box were simple: complete the foil base parallel set and pull some brand new hits for my Parks and Rec Collection.

The hit of the box -- and perhaps of the entire three-box break -- is the above gorgeous Paul Rudd John Hancock. I really enjoyed Rudd's character Bobby Newport, and some of the inscriptions Rudd signed on his cards are phenomenal.

My second guaranteed signature features a one-time guest star, Fred Armisen. Armisen played Raul of Boraqua, Venezuela. I dig the colorful background Press Pass wisely chose for his cards.

I am clearly an Aubrey Plaza magnet (oh every god anyone has ever prayed to, please let that be true for real life too) as I pulled a base relic of hers from box number 3. It goes oh so nicely with the Plaza Gold Auto /99 and Blue Holo Dual Relic /25 I nabbed from the first ever box of P&R that I busted last year. The orange hoodie piece comes from Episode 11 of Season 5.

I also managed to land the final three cards I needed to finish off the foil parallel set. Collation was excellent, as the box provided me with another complete base set. I'm now in the market for just hits from P&R, although if I can find boxes at the low, low price Blowout Cards had them for when I purchased the three, I'll probably jump at that opportunity yet again.


  1. Wow that was a great box. To bad Fred has such a terrible sig. But nice score on the Rudd and Plaza.