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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Box Break: 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation (BEST PULLS EVER!!!)

I absolutely had to bust a box of 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec is one of my all-time favorite shows. The writing is phenomenal, the cast is one of the best ever assembled, and Ron MotherF'in Swanson. Boxes are very affordable and guarantee a full base set, two autos, and a relic. I got the base set and 24 foil parallels, but the hits are the biggest and real draw. My goal was simple: pull autographs of Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza.

YES YES YES YES YES!!! This beautiful and on-card Nick Offerman auto was the second hit I pulled but is by far my favorite. It was the card I wanted most and serves as my second signature of the man who portrays Ron Swanson, one of the greatest characters ever created in any medium. Nick signed about 30 of his cards with 1/1 inscriptions ranging from "Bacon" to "AMERICA" to "Salty Jazz" to "Duke Silver." I hope to one day acquire one.

Wooooo! My box break dreams have come true! This gorgeous Gold Parallel autograph, numbered 33/99, was the first hit to come out of my P&R box, and when paired with my Swanson Sig fulfilled my greatest hopes for this box. I'm a huge fan of Plaza and her brand of comedy. Her portrayal of April Ludgate is fantastic, she's mentioned in one of my favorite Childish Gambino songs, and she's a stone-cold fox. What more could a guy ask for?

How about an Aubrey Plaza hotbox? My relic was this awesomely awesome dual relic featuring a piece of Plaza's hoodie and a swatch of her shirt to boot. It's the Blue Holo Parallel and is numbered out of a scant 25 (23/25). The texture of the memorabilia pieces is really cool as well. I'm stoked that the shirt piece I got has an entire owl on it. And again, she's a babe.

I am so, so, so tempted to bust another box, but I'm holding off for now. There are a few hits I still aim to add to my collection, and I'd eventually like to put the foil base parallel set together. A Foil Want List will soon be up for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Awesome box.

    No offense, but yopu buying another box after this one would be like winning the lottery, and the next week, buying another ticket hoping to win once again.

    But seriously, though, congratulations.

  2. Thanks dude! And haha, I know, I doubt I'll grab another. Just the singles I want.

    Tempting though.

    Gotta save up for Ginter and Archer as well.

  3. Thanks so awesome, Greg. I was THIS close to buying a box (also hoping for a "Swanson"), but with my luck, I'd get a Jerry Gergich hot-box instead. :-)

  4. Oh, and does it say what episode the owl-shirt is from?

  5. Thanks Josh! The Swanson autos are decently affordable on eBay if you choose to go that route.

    And hey, Jim O'Heir signed a few with "Dammit Jerry!"....that's pretty awesome haha.

    Also, re: the Plaza relic, Episode 11 from Season 5!


  6. Wow. I was thinking about picking up a box of this stuff... but now I'm second guessing myself, because I know whatever I pull inside my box will never come close to what you pulled in yours. Great hits bro!

  7. Thanks Fuji!

    And grab a box, it was insanely enjoyable!