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Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Which I'm Making More Progress on My 1933 Goudey Brooklyn Team Set Than Modern Ginter.

After recent trades that's not as accurate a statement as it once was, but for a spell I had added more from this 1933 Brooklyn team set than I had from recent issues of A&G. Which, hey, I'm cool with. The Brooklyn team set is 13 cards deep, and I already had one in my possession from a purchase made long ago. Without further adieu, the newest additions in my 1933 Dodgers Goudey Quest.

Joe Judge was a local find at the vintage shop that's near my humble abode. One day I was randomly looking at the Goudeys they had listed online and saw Judge sitting there, all by his lonesome, with a price tag of just $9. I jumped, immediately. Free shipping baby! Those blue stirrups are nails.

Next, the nicest Goudey in my collection. Owen Carroll has actual corners that aren't rounded, and he's the most recent addition of the bunch. Via eBay, he clocks in at $11.61 with free shipping to boot.

Back to the action-y poses with D'Arcy (Jake) Flowers. The damage for Mr. Flowers, an eBay acquisition, was $11 delivered.

Lafayette Thompson is up next, and if he looks familiar, it's only because he and Flowers are in basically the same pose. Another eBay win brought him into my collection for $10.50 after shipping.

My worst conditioned Goudey, John (Bud) Clancy. An eBay pickup, he was $6.25 shipped. Both the Brooklyn B and Dodgers are clearly visible, which is a must.

Above is the Jack Quinn that I already owned, re-scanned in all its glory (I didn't own a scanner when I purchased it almost three years ago). It ran me $9 locally.

The back of each of my six '33 Goudeys. I can't wait until I have all 13 so I can scan them in united glory and cry at how much the Hack Wilson is inevitably going to cost me once I finally track a copy down. A Want List with my 7 needs is up.


  1. Absolutely Nails, brother, Nails.

  2. Very impressive. Those are some great deals on 80 year old cards.

  3. Very nice ! Even to an Indian fan !

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