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Friday, July 5, 2013

Parks and Recreation Pickup: A Golden Retta Auto (#TreatYoSelf)

I'm a full believer in the #TreatYoSelf mantra, and I made sure to treat myself to a sweet on-card autograph of one of my favorite TV characters, Donna Meagle, from the great Parks and Recreation. After busting a box recently, there were a few singles remaining on my want list, and the below beauty was one of them.

Donna is portrayed by the phenomenal Retta, and this Gold Parallel signature is numbered 93/99. It was a very affordable $5.24 shipped and will serve as a great addition to my P&R PC. She signed one card with the fantastic "Treat Yo Self!" declaration, and it has already been pulled and sold on eBay a couple of times.


  1. Awesome ....very idea share very nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,post.

  2. Love all your Park & Rec pick ups!


  3. Different kinds of cards, loving it.