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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Box Break: Panini 2013 USA Baseball Champions Hot Box (5 Hits....#MERICA)

I made a large Dave and Adam's purchase waaaaaay back in January. It took me long enough to post the first two installments of that expenditure, so here's part three: a box break of Panini's 2013 USA Baseball Champions. Corey Seager is all over the product and the box was under $30, which was all the incentive I needed.

The five hits I pulled, including a redemption for a Stars and Stripes Signatures auto. I really dig that subset, and although the redemption did expire at the end of 2014 before I bought the box, I'll be calling Panini and seeing if I can't snag the Seager Stars and Stripes as a replacement. Somehow, some way, I hope. Oh, and it was a retail box which promised 3 hits, so I beat the odds by a lot! Woooo!

The remaining highlights, including a base Seager, a couple of sweet and spiffy die-cuts, and a pair of numbered and colorful parallels.

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