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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

1954 Red Man Tobacco: Roy Campanella WITH THE TAB, Slabbed SGC 35!

Sometimes you just have to marvel at a steal when it lands in your lap and thank the cardboard gods for your good fortune. Some time ago I did just that when this GORGEOUS 1954 Red Man Tobacco -- WITH THE TAB!!! -- of my main man Roy Campanella arrived on my doorstep after an eBay coup.

For less than $27.50 shipped to my doorstep this fantastic new addition to my Campy Collection is mine, all mine! It's been slabbed a 35 by SGC and is my first Red Man of Roy, but hopefully not my last. These are so, so hard to find with the tab and in decent condition, so I'm just as pleased as can be that this wonderful card fell to me without destroying my wallet.

What's not to like? A beautiful portrait of Roy with ball-in-hand paired with that ever-important Brooklyn B, and the card has held its great color as well.

Here's the back. If you read the fine print you can see why these are so often found sans tab, as is the case with two of the three Al Rosen Red Mans I own. The stubs were meant to be collected and sent in to Red Man in exchange for a hat.