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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My 1st COMC Purchase: Batman, Bison, Hockey, and Pre-War British Tobacco!

I recently received my first COMC buy in the mail. I had been building up a cache of cards for almost a couple years and did so entirely through credit earned by completing challenges COMC offered after their breakup with Beckett.

BATMAN cardboard! I've discussed my love of these before and I couldn't resist picking up this great shot of a "Cycling Crusader" for a wee bit of COMC credit. The artwork on these cards is just spectacular and then some. This is from the Red Bat A Series released in 1966.

I'm beyond tempted to slowly put together this Red Bat set as it's only 44 cards deep and I now have six cards without putting in much effort.

MORE BATMAN! Here's the "Concrete Conquest" card from the B Series Blue Bat issue, also out of the year that was 1966. It's another 44-card set and although it's my first Blue Bat piece of cardboard I might just have to give it a go as well. Again, the artwork on this bad boy is just amazingly impeccable.

The '66 Black Bat set is a bit tricky at 55 cards but it's doable.

The colorful and puzzled Batman backs.

Despite the extra-large scan this beaut is a mini from 2005 Bowman Heritage and a Bison I somehow had never gotten my hands on. It sat on my Want List forever and I finally decided to change that. I dig everything about it, down to Matty sporting number 44.

I must give a big thanks to shoeboxlegends for making me aware of this beautiful piece of cardboard's existence. Teemu is synonymous with Ducks' history and this is all sorts of amazingly awesome. Gaudy is the best word to describe it and after seeing sbl post I immediately went and added it to this batch of COMC cards.

The back is somehow more reserved despite the color and font.

Rakell! Rakell would be priority 1A for me this offseason if I was Ducks' GM, basically in a tie with Hampus Lindholm. Both are Restricted Free Agents and I only prioritize Ricky because the Ducks' have done a much better job at drafting and developing d-men over the last handful of years. Both need to be signed long-term though and I believe both will be.

I wanted to add Rakell's Young Guns RC for the nice game shot and affordability.

This card has captivated me for years. It hails from the absolutely stunning UD Masterpieces of 2008 and the canvas shot of LT -- who in my humble opinion is the greatest running back of all-time -- is a classic and unique one showcasing his passing ability. Much like the pitchers batting pictures we all love this oddball photo UD chose instantly drew me to the card.

Tomlinson could do it all, excelling not just in carrying the ball but in catching passes from the backfield and split out wide, blocking, and throwing as he was 8 for 12 in his career with 7 TD tosses.

British tobacco cards allow me the opportunity to link to one of my favorite scenes from any TV show ever. That Yorkshire card was also a COMC addition for the aforementioned shoeboxlegends although this time it's a mere coincidence we both added this pre-war tobacco card to our respective carts. I nabbed it way back on January 5th of 2015 for some reason that now eludes me and it waited patiently for me to complete my order.

Yorkshire cakes is just a funny phrase which probably explains why I liked it. That and it was a lonely dollar to purchase. A dollar of store credit earned through challenges. Basically, a what the hell buy.

The rest of this COMC batch of goodies will be written up and scanned in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Thanks. Da-na-nana-da-na-nana da-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN inspired me to finally go out and grab some of those 66T Batman cards.

    1. You'll love the set Fuji, it's just nails all the way around. Good luck in finding some sweet Batman cardboard!

    2. Searched through the three different sets and picked out three of my favorites. Looking forward to having them shipped, so I can see them in person.

    3. Awesome Fuji, can't wait to see them!

  2. Good stuff! I recently discovered the joys of COMC myself. I don't think I could wait a year to have everything shipped though, wow! The Batman cards are high on my wantlist of sets missing from my collection. Any color bat!

    1. Gracias Billy! The year really wasn't tough for some reason, I'll just go with I have patience or something like that lol.

      Enjoy the chase for Batman! The cards are superb in-hand.

  3. Great batch of cards Greg! I guess great minds really do think alike ;-)

    1. Haha thanks! :) Appreciate the heads-up on that Selanne.