Friday, June 10, 2022

A Well-Loved Addition To My Ty Cobb PC: 1921 Exhibits, PSA Authentic!

A while back I spotted a really beautiful vintage Ty Cobb on eBay. I believe there was an eBay Bucks promotion running at the time and I'd be lying if I said those offers did not often sway me and persuade me to spend money. Which, I mean, is the very point of their existence.

I pulled the trigger and am the happy owner of this beat and well-loved 1921 Exhibits offering, slabbed a PSA Authentic, of The Georgia Peach himself. I have always loved vintage cards in this general condition as they fall into my price-range and are more than enough for my liking. I would rather own a card like this -- clearly handled and enjoyed by an owner(s) somewhere along the way -- than go bankrupt trying to buy the nicest graded copy of the card. I want to own the card; I don't have the desire to own the grade.

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