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Thursday, June 9, 2022

LeBron James Patch /25: 2009 Timeless Treasures Prime, PSA Graded Authentic

A long, long time ago I swapped cardboard with Charles from Hoopography. It took some time to complete the trade but we were both very happy at the end of the day and that effort was well worth it. I decided the card I acquired from him was a bit too large to not slab for added protection. It had resided in a mag for the longest time but I enjoy displaying graded cards and I am a firm believer in slabbing something for protective reasons alone.

As thick as this 2009 Timeless Treasures Prime Patch /25 of LeBron James is, I went the route of slapping a min grade on this card as I didn't want to get back a 5 or 6. I think the min grade was 8, but it's been some time. I'm more than happy with the straight "Authentic" designation as my main goal was ensuring the card's long-term safety. This remains one of my favorite cards because of how long I worked to make the trade happen as well as how awesome the patch is.

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