Monday, December 5, 2022

1939 Goudey Premiums Black & White: The One and Only Jimmie Foxx

This was acquired so long ago the pandemic had not yet hit. It was a pickup from the card shop I used to work for and I knew I needed it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Jimmie Foxx is criminally underrated as a player and any chance to pick up a playing-era card of his at a good price is a chance I don't let pass me by.

Joining the '34 Batter-Up I also nabbed from my old job is this gorgeous 1939 Goudey Premiums Black & White, already slabbed an SGC 60 upon purchase. Foxx is leaping above first base to make a catch, fully extended.

Just as clean as the front is the reverse. The backs on these are absolutely fantastic and I dig how they were geared towards making kids better ballplayers. This one aims to impart "How To Bat" to anyone in possession of it.

Another wonderful vintage pickup is catalogued.

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