Thursday, February 9, 2023

$5....$5 Printing Plate....of Getzlaf!

Two modern Ryan Getzlaf cards in one week!? The world must be ending for me to stray from my newer collecting goals, even for a stalwart of this blog like the former Ducks' Captain. In reality I simply stumbled upon a couple of awesome deals on limited cardboard of Getzy and couldn't resist adding them. The rarer of the two was listed at $9.99 or best offer and I threw a $5 offer out into the eBay seas.

The seller accepted pretty quickly and for a measly five spot I was able to reel in this 2021-22 Upper Deck Series 2 Canvas Yellow Printing Plate. I like the simple photo UD used of a smiling Ryan pre or post-game in front of the benches.

My targeting of Getz cardboard is very specific now but something along these lines, for this little cash, will always be of interest. This is easily the most recent card of Getzlaf I have come into.

Do you collect printing plates for your player/team PCs?

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