Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Zack Wheat and The Brown Brothers!

Some people love the Blues Brothers but as a Type 1 Photo collector my jam is the Brown Brothers and their excellent group of photographers who covered many an incredible baseball moment and player. I am always happy to add one of their pieces to my collection and this time it overlapped perfectly with one of my longtime collecting interests: Zack Wheat.

This beautiful specimen came from an auction house win (Lelands, I think) and features an early career shot of Zack. The bat on shoulder pose is simple but striking and I like that the handful of players behind him are somewhat obscured by blurriness. The old-timey stands being clearly visible is also a nice touch.

The editorial markings and Brown Bros stamp on the reverse are super cool and interesting to look at. I strongly prefer my photos to have them as opposed to a blank back. This was already slabbed upon purchase, an added monetary benefit.

Does anyone have any photos within their player PCs?

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