Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Add: Emerald /5!

My Ryan Getzlaf Collection has certainly suffered over the last four or five years. My love of his game and contributions to the Ducks hasn't changed or diminished -- my focus just shifted even more singularly to vintage and Archer before I added in tickets and Type 1 Photos. All that being said, a good deal is a good deal and I do have saved searches for some Getzy cardboard.

One such saved search is Dominion cards of The Captain and when this 2011-12 Dominion Emerald Parallel popped up on eBay I actually let it sit for some time. It continually went without bids and eventually the price was lowered to a point I just couldn't pass up.

It's numbered 1/5 and if I were that annoying kind of eBayer I'd call it a 1/1 since 1/5 easily equates to Ryan's sweater number of 15. But thankfully, I am not that annoying.

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