Monday, April 3, 2023

An 1800s Ulysses S. Grant Pickup!

I consistently tell myself I need to pare down my collecting interests and my collection as a whole. I've always been interested in a lot of different things as it relates to this wonderfully awesome and frustrating hobby of ours. That really means two things, I have come to find. First, my collection is varied and has a lot of cool stuff in it (cool to me, at the least). Second, I always find myself wanting to spend money and usually failing at not spending said money. As if I needed yet another avenue to drive down as I journey through cardboard, this popped up on eBay and my "screw it let's bid" attitude proved to be a success.

This absolutely stunning and new to my brain set is the 1880s HD2a U.S. Presidents set of advertising/trade cards. I'm not saying I want to go buy a bunch of these....but I might just have to buy a bunch of these once I complete my move and get settled in wherever I land. My Grant is a blank back -- however, many of these carry advertisements for various companies of the time with info on the front and more detailed adverts on the reverse.


  1. That looks better than a 2 to me! For a card of that age it looks fantastic.

  2. I agree with Brett. This is a perfect example of why I've never bought into the whole grading thing.

  3. Tiny speck of paper loss on the reverse and what appears to maybe be some light glue residue. Looking at it again, I actually think it is mislabeled and from another set lol.